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Edgewater: A Reluctant “No” Vote

This is a long post.  The conclusion I eventually reach (somewhat reluctantly, truth be told) is that it is not financially prudent for the School District to support the proposed amendment of TID #32 to include the Edgewater project. Because … Continue reading

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Memo to the Media on Open Enrollment: When We Unanimously Reject a Proposal, That Means We Don’t Support It

I know I should stay away from the open enrollment issue and hope that it fades away from the limelight for awhile. It’s a challenging issue for the school district – it highlights the extent to which some families are … Continue reading

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Special Offer: Free Subscriptions!

Thanks for reading this blog. As you may have noticed, I post entries intermittently – a day or a week may go by between entries. If you are interested in following what I post, but don’t enjoy checking the blog … Continue reading

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Open Enrollment: Board Says No to Recommending 3% Cap

At our meeting last night, the School Board unanimously rejected the proposed recommendation to the Wisconsin Association of School Boards (WASB) that it advocate for limiting the number of students eligible to open enroll in nonresident school districts to three … Continue reading

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Does Kiplinger’s claim of “weak” Madison schools compared to “suburban” schools hold up? Would I be writing about it if it did?

 The State Journal has an editorial today about another high national ranking for Madison.  Kiplinger’s, which the State Journal describes as “a monthly business and personal finance periodical,” has a slideshow on its website on ten “Great Cities for Raising Families.”  Madison … Continue reading

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