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A Simple Approach to Ending the State Budget Standoff

Here’s an idea for resolving the state’s budget repair bill crisis.  Governor Walker’s budget repair bill is designed to eviscerate public employee unions.  But with a few changes it could actually lead to an innovative and productive way of addressing … Continue reading

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Protesting for Teachers’ Rights: A Management View

It’s been a non-quiet week here in Madison.  Everyone has his or her own take on the events.  Since I’m a member of the Madison School Board, mine is necessarily a management perspective.   Here’s what the week’s been like for … Continue reading

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The Answer to MMSD Budget Woes: A Modest Proposal

A number of Republican legislative leaders are working on what they term a charter school reform bill.  According to reports,  “authors” of the legislation  apparently include the chairs of the Senate and Assembly Education Committees as well as the co-chairs of … Continue reading

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Recap of January 31 School Board Meeting

Here are some highlights of the January 31 School Board meeting, compliments of the snow day. Approval of High School Plan Guiding Principles While there has been much talk about the District’s high school plan and the consistency of its … Continue reading

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