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Fact-Checking Senator Grothman on 4K Funding

Senator Glenn Grothman generated some press coverage for his declaration that Scott Walker should use the powers of his office to cut off any state funding for four-year-old kindergarten (4K). While Senator Grothman is a skeptic regarding the educational or … Continue reading

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MMSD’s New Phoenix Program: a Welcome Palliative to Our Unfortunate Zero-Tolerance Approach to Expulsion

On December 17, the State Journal ran an article by Matt DeFour on the School District’s new Phoenix abeyance initiative for students recommended for expulsion.  I’ve been surprised by the begrudging approach my fellow School Board members seem to have … Continue reading

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Initial Thoughts on the Madison Prep Proposal

As I have written before, I’m not a big fan of having charter schools for the sake of having charter schools. I think of them as a strategy rather than a solution.  If there is a particular issue with our … Continue reading

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