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Madison Prep: Do Graduation Rates Matter?

I don’t know if the Urban League’s plans for Madison Prep will come to fruition.  If they do, I predict here and now that the school will have a higher graduation rate than the Madison school district as a whole … Continue reading

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Edgewater Again

Mayor Soglin’s inclusion in his capital budget of only $3 million in city financing for the proposed Edgewater renovation project has restored to the front pages that messy dispute over public financing and the uses and abuses of tax-incremental financing … Continue reading

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The Cost of Madison Prep

 As reported  in today’s State Journal, I find the cost to the Madison School District of the Urban League’s current proposal for the Madison Preparatory Academy for Young Men charter school jaw-droppingly high.  It seems to me a School Board … Continue reading

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Trending Upward: Students of Color, “College-Readiness,” and the ACT

Kaleem Caire and the Urban League consistently highlight the performance of Madison African-American and Latino students on the ACT as evidence of what they see as the shortcomings of the education that the Madison school district provides to its students … Continue reading

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