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We Have a 2011-2012 Budget

At a special meeting on Monday night, June 20, the Madison School Board adopted a preliminary budget for the 2011-2012 school year. In March, we had received preliminary budget recommendations from the superintendent that I wrote about earlier.  The proposals … Continue reading

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The Budget Repair Bill Decision: How Did the Supreme Court Do on the Actual Substance of the Law?

This post isn’t directly related to schools but instead concerns the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s recent decision  overturning Judge Sumi’s ruling enjoining the enactment of the Budget Repair Bill.  Since the Budget Repair Bill has a big impact on collective bargaining … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Easts, or How the Madison School District Is Different From Ian’s Pizza

Here’s a confession:  I am disappointed to read that Governor Walker’s two sons are going to live with their grandparents so that they can continue to attend Wauwatosa East High School next year, rather than move into the Governor’s Mansion … Continue reading

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Legislative Update: Our Spending Authority Goes Up; Rewritten Charter School Bill Tiptoes Toward Plausibility [Updated]

There’s been a considerable legislative activity affecting our schools lately, with the Joint Finance Committee completing its work on the Governor’s proposed budget and other legislative committees active as well.  Here’s an update on two developments of particular interest to … Continue reading

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