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July Board Meeting Recap: The Board Considers Changes to the Code of Conduct Once Again, Featuring the Administration as Sisyphus (Now with Video!)

Summer is a relatively slow time for the School Board.  We had no committee meetings this month, just our monthly meeting on Monday, July 25.  The agenda was light but the meeting was long, with much time devoted to a … Continue reading

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Still Another Post on the (Yawn) Budgeting Process

Here’s yet another post on the school district’s budgeting process.  Spoiler alert: It’s just as boring as that description suggests.  So unless you’re one of the handful of people who’s really interested in this stuff, I suggest you might want … Continue reading

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It Looks Like the School District Has a Budget Gap. Tell Us How to Fix It.

As reported in the State Journal last week, it now looks like state aid to the Madison school district may be cut next year even more than we had expected. This year, we received almost $50 million in general state … Continue reading

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Balanced Budgets and Free Lunches in Kaukauna

The provisions of the Budget Repair Bill have gone into effect.  For school districts that (unlike Madison) did not extend their collective bargaining agreement with their teachers unions, it is a brand new day. In those districts, collective bargaining agreements … Continue reading

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