Special Offer: Free Subscriptions!

Thanks for reading this blog. As you may have noticed, I post entries intermittently – a day or a week may go by between entries. If you are interested in following what I post, but don’t enjoy checking the blog and finding nothing new, I have a solution. Subscribe! It’s almost too easy. Simply click on the “subscribe” button at the right-hand bottom of this web page, and you’re done. One of our efficient and courteous staff will shoot you back an email confirming your subscription and you’ll be all set.

From then on, a fresh, crisp email will be delivered to your inbox whenever I post something new. No more wasted time and frustration checking the blog only to find the same tired post staring back at you. No more embarrassment when you overhear the gang at the water cooler vigorously debating my latest entry that you didn’t even know was up. You can just sit back, relax, and wait to receive notifications of the latest incisive posts — and of all the not-so-incisive and even kind-of-stupid ones too!

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