What Happened to the Top 4% Students Section?

Anyone else notice that the State Journal did not publish a section this spring featuring the top 4% of the graduating seniors at local high schools? I sent an email to the editor asking what happened. Teryl Franklin, managing editor of the paper was kind enough to write back. Here is what she (he?) said:

“Unfortunately, we were not able to publish the Top 4 Percent section this year. Like many businesses adjusting to economic challenges, we have had to scale back some things that we used to do. It’s a very labor-intensive section to put together, and we felt that we could not devote the needed staff time for it. We’ll continue to look for other ways to highlight high-achieving students. We made a point to check in with each high school in Dane County and have been publishing information on their valedictorians, class speakers and graduation ceremonies.”

Seems to me that it’s not a great strategy to deal with dwindling circulation and advertising revenues by eliminating a feature that readers actually looked forward to and can’t find elsewhere. I don’t suppose the paper is eliminating the enormous section it publishes in September previewing each local high school’s football team.

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